July 2021 ❤ Shipping Updates

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Hello everyone~!

Hope everyone is doing great this year. 
Here are mid-year updates to shipping. Please note that shipping rates and policies to certain countries are constantly changing throughout this year. From the last update to this update and moving forward, there may be even more updates.

  • Orders are still processed and shipped 1-2 times a week. They may ship on days Monday/Wednesday/Friday. This is because I schedule pickups as due to my current health, I am unable to visit the post office on a daily. Please take this into consideration when you are ordering.
  • SHIPPING TO THE UK: due to the changes caused by Brexit, shipping to the UK has been *discontinued* on this shop. UK customers are still able to purchase items and have the option to ship to the UK through my etsy shop. Shipping prices are higher, and taxes will have to be paid up-front. 
  • SHIPPING TO THE EU: starting July 01, 2021, there has been changes to shipping to the EU for taxes...: 
    • PURCHASE FROM ETSY: Taxes will be collected by the seller, where the buyer (you) do not have to pay any taxes, and I heard this is cheaper for you guys... Shipping is higher than my shop.
    • PURCHASE FROM [HERE[ MY SHOP: you will be responsible for all taxes to be paid when receiving your package. 
If you are ordering from ETSY, and there are items that you do not see, please email me at pinsneedleshop@gmail.com or DM me on Instagram @pinsneedle
  • International shipping: All packages going to Canada and international has tracking & insurance, tracking updates are based on your country and local post office. If your tracking is not updating on Global Post, then please contact your post office. If it hasn't arrived and it has been ALMOST 2.5 months (please contact me before the 3 month mark, maybe like 2 weeks before it hits 3 months), please contact me ASAP so we can file a insurance claim for lost/missing package, and another package will be shipping. 
  • Increases in shipping rates: I have seen the shipping rates increasing at least twice in the last 6 months, especially for Canadian/International shipping rates. This is out of my control. I am already offering the lowest shipping rates I am able to with International shipping, as the regular international shipping rates are higher. I assume the rates are increasing because of the lack of employees with certain shipping companies... 


Thank you for reading. If you have any questions, please feel free to email or message me on instagram.



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