Fanny Itabag Inserts | Multiple Colors

Additional inserts for your minimalist cross-body itabag!



  • Insert size: 8 in x 5 in (approximate)
  • Insert material: polyester satin
  • Available in 5 colors:
    • Light Blue
    • Pink
    • Black
    • Cream White
    • Lavender


What is an Ita-bag?

The word "ITA" comes from the Japanese word "itai" which means "pain." Its literal translation is "painful bag", and it is a bag (handbag, backpack, or other types of bags) covered in enamel pins, button pins, figurines, acrylic charms and other merchandise pertaining to anime and manga fandoms. The idea behind Ita-bags is to allow its owners to publicly express their love for a particular fictional character or media franchise. 


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Color Light Blue