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Clear Dream Sakura - Full Color - Hard Enamel Pin


Clear Dream Sakura - Full Color - Hard Enamel Pin

A Cardcaptor Sakura pin inspired by the new manga/anime arc, Clear Card.

The magic circle is her clear card arc magic circle. The outfit is her first opening OP outfit, with her dream staff.

- 1.8 inches tall (50.8mm)
- 2 inches wide (35mm)
- Gold Metal plating

Pin Grading/Quality Policy

DISCLAIMER: Enamel pins are all handmade by my manufacturer(s). There are no perfect pins as each one might have very small flaws to very noticeable ones. Therefore, please read our quality policy.

✦ Standard Grade (A-Grade)**:

Free of major defects but *may* exhibit minor imperfections such as:
∙ tiny stray glitter specs
∙ glitter not in small areas
∙ superficial tiny bubble in enamel or epoxy coating,
∙ imperfections in the metal on the sides or back of the pin
∙ tiny imperfections in the metal plating
∙ superficial scratches on metal surfaces
∙ superficial paint drops or spreading into other enamel
∙ small/unnoticeable uneven enamel fills
∙ slightly misaligned screen printing

**Standard orders may be filled as collector's grade, but are not guaranteed as such.

✧ Seconds Grade (B-Grade):

Minor to major defects of the types noted above, including the following:
∙ minor/major dings and holes in the enamel
∙ peeling/damaged metal plating
∙ peeling enamel
∙ missing enamel
∙ large/noticeable uneven enamel fills
∙ other unexpected problems

If you would like images of seconds grade, feel free to message me.