Return Policy

Returns and replacements

Pins & Needle does not accept returns. The quality grading policy and description of products are made very clear, so all sales are final.

If you receive a product that is faulty or damaged upon transit, the items will be replaced with no extra charges to the customer, or it will be refunded if it cannot be replaced. Please photograph your items and contact me, and I'll do my best to make things right! A claim can be made 7 after your order has been delivered.


Refunds are applicable if your order has not shipped. There will be a 24-hour grace period from the time you place your order, for you to cancel. If it has passed the grace period, but your order has not shipped yet, then please e-mail me and I will process your order cancelation and refund.

If your order has shipped, then I cannot refund you. A refund is only applicable after shipped/you received it if you are willing to ship it back to me. Shipping of orders being returned will not be covered by Pins & Needle. This is only applicable if the order is unopened/in its original packaging and within 7-days of being delivered. Shipping fees will not be refunded. Otherwise, all orders are final and refunds/returns are not accepted.

If your product is flawed, and/or you did not order a seconds grade item, please email me and let me know of this flaw. If there is no noticeable flaw and follows my Grading Quality Policy on what standards and flaw gradings are, a refund will be denied.

"I placed a pre-order and would like to cancel and receive a refund."

If your pre-order has not shipped, I can process a refund. If it has shipped and you received it, I cannot process a refund. See the policy above.

Otherwise, please send me an e-mail with your order number, name and shipping address.

What if my package is lost? Can I get a refund?

If your package is lost, and has insurance, a claim will be filed and then I can process a refund. If your order does not have insurance/is not insured, I cannot process this refund. My apologies.

I received the wrong items, what can you do for me?

My apologies!! Please send me an e-mail with your order number, name, and address, along with an image of the contents you received. Once this information has been received, and I'm able to confirm your order, the correct items will be sent out.